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Accelerace is a 7 time winner of the Nordic Startup Awards and know for having alum founders as partners, mentors and investors.

Accelerace has advised and funded 1000+ startups since 2009. Over the years, Accelerace partners and mentors have developed concepts and tools to assist the portfolio obtain product-market-fit and raise follow up funding

Until 2023, these tools were exclusive to Accelerace companies - Now they're for everybody!

What's in the box?

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. The toolbox is full of resources and curated information about startups, the ecosystem and investors that will help you raise money.

Investor Curator

Proprietary Investor List that is constantly updated to only list the most active investors.

Investor insights

Insight interviews with investors with intimate understanding of how they evaluate startups.

Pitch deck heaven

Pitch deck heaven with hundreds of pitch decks from Accelerace alum companies.

Video courses

6 full video courses by Accelerace partners and alum founders with more than 10 integrated tools.

Critical tools

Valuation, benchmarks, team mapping, Investor Readiness, Pitch storyline, and more.


Benchmarking tool for comparing your startup with similar startups on key metrics.

Investment Readiness

Answer 12 questions and get instant feedback on the likelihood of getting an investment from our fund Accelerace Invest II, and what you need to improve!

Who is the Toolbox for?

Tools is free for everyone to use, but most features are curated to fit with the needs of pre-traction startups.

Pre-seed startups

The Tools is built for startups that are just about to launch or have launched recently. It is less relevant for scale-ups.

Tech startups

The Tools are most applicable to tech startups. Pharma companies, deep tech, consumer goods, and game studios can also benefit but are not the target audience.

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What’s the connection?

You’re smart - you’ve noticed the obvious similarities between Accelerace Toolbox and Accelerace VC. But what does it mean?

Proprietary tools and knowledge

Accelerace Toolbox is fully owned, managed, and updated by Accelerace.

Potential investments

Accelerace can access the data on the platform and can use this to contact you in relation to a potential investment in your company.

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